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  • Men, women, and children, both rich and poor, wise and simple, not deeming even slaves unworthy of His call. For indeed their Father, having constituted them all of one essence and nature, rightly admitted them all to share in His one equal bounty, bestowing the knowledge of Himself and friendship with Him upon.
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The most important fact to keep in mind when you choose future profession is whether or not you have a true calling to do that work. Furthermore, each profession needs devotion and determination which can be truly achieved only when the person truly loves what they do. Especially important it is for future teacher who affect lives of many children and can determine their future career choice.

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The peculiarity of teacher’s profession is that even if you are fully prepared for the class, you have prepared all material and hand-outs, it is impossible to prepare for the questions that students might ask impromptu. Furthermore, you cannot press a pause button during the lesson to take a break and look up the answer. Moreover, each lesson should be interesting and exciting for students to be keen on the subject that they are learning and in order not to discourage them from further studies of the question. However, when the students have studied ahead possible critical situation and have looked at the ways of solving them, it would be much easier to control the situation on spot in class. The book Strategies for Successful Students Teaching: A Comprehensive Guide, Second Edition, by Carol Marra Pelletier, published by Allyn and Bacon is an extensive guide for a future teacher-to-be that provides them with a number of ready lesson plans, helps them to understand the process of studying and shows them the perspective of students who are learning and experiencing some difficulties with a subject. Moreover, the book provides plenty of solutions and answers for some questions arising in the process of learning and it gives the right approach for the situations when you have to deal with behavioural problems and when you have to control a big group of students. Furthermore, the book guides prospective teacher in achieving and developing professional dispositions.

Professional dispositions Session A student teaching Session B student teaching

High Expectations26

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Respect for the Diversity of Others35


Professional Conduct15





Advocacy 46

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Out of the qualities mentioned in the table I reckon the Curiosity and High Expectations to be the most important in regard to the further education of students. It is strongly believed that the more you expect from students the higher their results are. Thus by setting high expectations the teacher programmes a student to achieve higher goals. Furthermore, everyone understands that a teacher cannot teach student everything, therefore, by sparkling up their curiosity for the subject, the teacher lays the foundation for their future studies and encourages them to learn outside the classroom.

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In regard to teacher’s behaviour and their professional ethics, it is important to respect diversity of the classroom students. What is more teacher should keep in mind that every students is an individual and thus everyone is different despite their background. I suppose that I have managed to improve and develop the skills needed for the professional teacher.

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To sum up I consider, all of the professional dispositions to be important and at the same time I think that …