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Download the book (PDF) Multiagent Systems is copyright (c) Yoav Shoham and Kevin Leyton-Brown, 2009. Our contract with Cambridge allows us to distribute an uncorrected manuscript. Thus, the PDF is formatted differently than the book—and in particular has different page numbering—and has not been fully copy edited. Emily Grace Whitehurst (born July 23, 1979), also known as Agent M, is an American singer, songwriter, composer, musician, and record producer.In 1998, she began her music career by fronting the punk rock band Tsunami Bomb.After Tsunami Bomb disbanded in 2005, she co-founded and fronted the Action Design; a rock group.Since 2012, Whitehurst has been working on her synth-driven, indie pop.

Agent M PDF Free Download
Genre : True Crime
Publisher : PublicAffairs
ISBN_10 : 9781610396851
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The fascinating, improbable true story of Maxwell Knight--the great MI5 spymaster and inspiration for the James Bond character M. Maxwell Knight was perhaps the greatest spymaster in history. He did more than anyone in his era to combat the rising threat of fascism in Britain during World War II, in spite of his own history inside this movement. He was also truly eccentric--a thrice-married jazz aficionado who kept a menagerie of exotic pets--and almost totally unqualified for espionage. Yet he had a gift for turning practically anyone into a fearless secret agent. Knight's work revolutionized British intelligence, pioneering the use of female agents, among other accomplishments. In telling Knight's remarkable story, Agent M also reveals for the first time in print the names and stories of some of the men and women recruited by Knight, on behalf of MI5, who were asked to infiltrate the country's most dangerous political organizations. Drawing on a vast array of original sources, Agent M reveals not only the story of one of the world's greatest intelligence operators, but the sacrifices and courage required to confront fascism during a nation's darkest time.