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Welcome to the story of a real marriage.
Marriage is simultaneously the biggest blessing and the greatest challenge two people can ever take on. It is the joy of knowing there is someone to share in your joys and sorrows, and the challenge of living with someone who thinks it’s a good idea to hang a giant antelope head on your living room wall.
In The Antelope in the Living Room, New York Times bes-tselling author and blogger Melanie Shankle does for marriage what Sparkly Green Earrings did for motherhood—makes us laugh out loud and smile through tears as she shares the holy and the hilarity of that magical and mysterious union called marriage.

Humorous Insight Into Marriage
The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle is an autobiographical insight into Melanie's marriage, the highs, the lows and the funny elements of both. She covers their full relationship history from dating through to many years into their marriage, bringing out interesting stories about their differences but also what makes them so perfect for each other.
It is a very realistic insight into a normal, everyday marriage with both highs and lows, highlighted by some particularly humorous events. In a world that shows no commitment to marriage, it is a refreshing look at a strong marriage not without its problems but growing despite them.
I really liked Melanie's previous book, Sparkly Green Earrings, even though I couldn't really relate to it being a single man with no children, so I was excited to listen to this new book on her marriage. I really love her writing style with a lot of humour and sarcasm, it is an enjoyable journey. It was also good to hear, as someone planning to get married, that despite how hard marriage is that it has extremely fun moments and that it is worth the journey. In particular I loved the final chapter that despite all the problems and differences she wouldn't want to do life with anyone else, which is what you want to hear from a couple married for many years.
The narrator was the author herself and at first I found it a bit difficult as she speaks very fast with a Southern accent but as the book progressed I didn't seem to have as much trouble with it. The tone and sarcasm of the text is really brought out by the author reading her own material.
This book would be great for anyone wanting to have some humorous insights into marriage. Also for people who are about to get married or are in the honeymoon stage, to see that there are plenty of bumps in the road but the benefits far outweigh the problems.
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Fun book on marriage
My thoughts: I previously listened to Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle and was excited to be able to listen to The Antelope in the Living Room. While that book is about motherhood, this book is about marriage.
The author shares stories from her own marriage and how she and her husband have overcome challenges together. The two are complete opposites in some ways, yet they are best friends and have a strong marriage based on what she shared in this book. You will hear stories from their dating days on into their present marriage. She shares both funny and serious stories and shows how it is all those little things built together that make for a meaningful marriage.
Any married person knows that marriage has its highs and lows. This book is a good reminder of the value of marriage in a world that has a throw away mentality about marriage. It is a quick book to listen to because of the humor of the author and because the chapters are short and meaningful. Melanie Shankle is the author of the Big Mama blog, and she writes this book with the same style as she writes her blog, including plenty of humor and sarcasm to make a point.
This audio version was read by the author. I was so glad to see she was narrating this one because it just makes a book of this type more personal. I did not have any problems with the quality of the audio and having the author read it made the book more enjoyable for me.
A copy of this audio book was given to me as part of the christianaudio Reviewers program. Thank you for providing this for my honest review.

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