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It is absolutely necessary to be born again to be saved and enter the kingdom of God! Jesus said so in John 3:3-8, vs. 3, Jesus answered Nicodemus and said unto him, Verily, Verily (truly) I say unto thee, Except a man be born again,(regenerated, conceived) he cannot see the kingdom of God.” and again in vs. 5 Jesus said: “Verily, Verily, I. Religious Certificates. Free to download and print. Click any certificate design to see a larger version and download it.


Judging from my own experience it is my opinion that many strange and
wonderful events have happened during the past in which man took part,
that have never been recorded.
Many reasons could be given for this, but the main causes perhaps, are that
the participants have lacked the intelligence, education or literary ability to
properly describe them.

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In these respects I must admit my own inferiority. But I feel that should I
not promulgate an account of my own remarkable life for the benefit of
mankind then I would betray the trust nature has confided in me.
So I warn the exquisite literary critic and the over-polished individual who
prefer fancy phrases to logical ideas, that this work may somewhat jar their
delicate senses of perception.
And having offered these few remarks I shall introduce myself to the
reader. My name is John Convert. The earth is my home and country. All
men are my kin, be they white, black, red, yellow or brown. I was born
somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean between Liverpool and New York while
my parents were emigrating from England to America. My mother died
giving me birth.
Whether or not it was because I first saw the light of day while in a state of
transit that caused me afterwards to acquire a thirst for travel and
adventure I cannot say, but true it is that during my whole life I have been
constantly moving from place to place. Then again my father was a
Methodist preacher and the good Lord ostensibly sent calls to him from
every nook and corner of the United States, for as long as I can remember
he too was continually changing abiding places. In fact, it seems to me now
when I look back that he seldom preached twice from the same pulpit.
Whether this was due to bad preaching or because he had the courage to
tell the good church folk many plain truths concerning themselves, I know
not, but I do know that in many ways my father was a very good man, and
also a very learned

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