Conversations With RBG PDF Free Download

I need to provide my text messages for the court – the whole conversation with the delivery service. To take screenshots is not an option – the conversation is very long…
How do I copy an entire text conversation on iPhone?

Maybe you have an upcoming legal case and you want to know how to print your messages for court…
Maybe you just want to create an archive of your business conversations…

If you are here searching for a way to export your text messages – SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp, Viber or Line chats – CopyTrans Contacts is right here for you.

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Follow us, and we’ll show you how to export text messages from iPhone to PDF format easily in a couple of clicks.

How to download text messages from iPhone to PDF


This is where we advise to use CopyTrans Contacts.

The program has a trial version, so you can test the method right away.

The perks of using CopyTrans Contacts are:

⭐ See all your SMS, WhatsApp, Viber and Line chats on PC;
⭐ Export messages to computer in PDF, DOC, etc.;
⭐ Save attachments in a separate folder;
⭐ Export your contacts, notes and calendars.

Here is how to export your iPhone messages to computer:

1. Launch CopyTrans Contacts.

You can download it here:

If you need help installing CopyTrans Contacts, please refer to the installation guide.

Conversations With RBG PDF Free Download

2. Connect your iPhone to PC.

The program will start loading your messages and you will see the loading icon.

IMPORTANT: please do not cancel the process or disconnect your device, as during this time the app is forming a backup of your contacts, calendars, note, messages and attachments. Let the program finish loading.

3. Choose Messages (SMS, WhatsApp, Viber or Line).

Conversations With RBG PDF Free Download

Click on the speech bubble icon on the left. Then choose message type from the “Sources” pane on the top. Select the conversation threads you wish to export. To export all of them, check the “Messages” box on top of the list.

NOTE: If you don’t see the messages in the main program window, see our troubleshooting guide.

⚡To export messages for a specific period, click on a cogwheel symbol under a list of services and choose the exact time frame.

4. Click on Export selected.

In the popup window, choose “PDF”.

5. Choose a folder and press OK.

This is where your messages will be exported.

⚡ If you open the document, you will see that your iPhone messages were exported along with all attachments.

Your iPhone messages are now saved in PDF format.

Export text messages from iPhone to PDF YouTube tutorial

If you’re more of a text person, please see our written instructions above.

How to download text messages without iPhone?

If you need your iPhone messages urgently but no longer have the device, you still have a chance to recover your messages in PDF. Let us search for all options with CopyTrans Backup Extractor.

CopyTrans Backup Extractor can:

find iPhone backups on your PC, wherever they are;
find iPhone backups in iCloud;
extract messages from any backup to PC in a readable format;
save attachments from a conversation.

Let’s get started:

Pdf Free Download Windows 10

  1. Download and install CopyTrans Backup Extractor:

  2. If you need help installing the program, refer to the installation guide.

  3. Run the program and log in to iCloud if you want to find more backups. Once ready, click “Find Backups”.
  4. You will see a list of all available backups: choose the one that contains your text messages.
    If you are restoring from iTunes backup, you may be asked for a backup password. What password?

    ☁️ iCloud backups will be marked with a cloud icon and they are never password-protected.

  5. Click on “Messages” and press “Extract”, then select the destination folder.
  6. Wait while all your messages are being unloaded to your PC.

  7. Once the extraction is finished, you can view all your messages from the backup in .pdf format.

Let us know how our instructions worked out for you in comments below!

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