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Edgar Joseph FeuchtwangerOBE (born 28 September 1924) is a German-British historian.

These were tumultuous times in Germany. Hitler’s rise to power had been rapidly increasing every year since 1923 when he was released from prison. In 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. This caused great struggle for the Christian churches of Germany. Eventually they were placed under the Nazi Gleichschaltung which basically. Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it. Truth, Freedom, Lying. If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things. Sympathy, Stupid, Wish. Book by Adolf Hitler, Volume II, 1926.

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Life and work[edit]

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Feuchtwanger was born in Munich. He is the son of Erna Rosina (née Rheinstrom) and lawyer, lecturer, and author Ludwig Feuchtwanger, and a nephew of novelist and playwright Lion Feuchtwanger, who was a vocal critic of Hitler and the Nazis. His family is Jewish.[1] As a child, he lived with his family in Munich near the private residence of Adolf Hitler on Grillparzer Strasse.[2] From 1935 to 1938, he attended the Maximiliansgymnasium[3] in his hometown.

Feuchtwanger was 14 when the Gestapo arrested his father on Nov. 10, 1938, part of the coordinated pogrom known as Kristallnacht, which included the detentions of 30,000 Jews in Germany and Austria, the deaths of 91, and the widespread ransacking of Jewish-owned stores and synagogues. Edgar's father Ludwig was then imprisoned at the Dachau concentration camp, and 14-year-old Edgar's sense of security crumbled.[4]

When his father was released six weeks later, the family considered relocation options. They dismissed Palestine and Prague[5] and ultimately managed to obtain entry visas to Britain, and in February 1939, Edgar boarded a train bound for London. His father accompanied him as far as the Dutch border, and then returned to Germany to finish arrangements for him and his wife to follow. In May of that year, the family was re-united in England. From 1944 to 1947, Edgar studied at Magdalene College in Cambridge, where he received his doctorate in 1958. From 1959, he taught history at University of Southampton,[6] until he retired in 1989.[7]In 2003, he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit.[8]

In 2012, Feuchtwanger co-authored a book with French journalist Bertil Scali describing his childhood brushes with Hitler entitled Hitler, mon voisin: Souvenirs d'un enfant juif[9] it was published in English in the US as Hitler, My Neighbor in 2017.[10] Feuchtwanger has also published an autobiography describing his experiences during the 'Third Reich' and the post-war years, entitled I Was Hitler's Neighbour,[11] in 2015.

Feuchtwanger was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2021 New Year Honours for services to Anglo-German understanding and history.[12]

Published works[edit]

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