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Isadore Francisco Moreno (born 1947), better known as Izzy, was an informant for Crockett and Tubbs on numerous cases. Despite his endlessly enthusiastic and eternally optimistic personality, Izzy was nonetheless an incompetent criminal and possessed somewhat limited intelligence. While Crockett and Tubbs employed numerous informants as part of their job, Izzy in particular was a regular (if. Izzy Wheels was founded by Irish sisters Ailbhe and Izzy. Izzy has been a wheelchair user all of her life. Ailbhe created a range of stylish wheel covers for her sister's chair so that she could express her personality. They now collaborate with artists and fashion designers all over the world to transform wheelchairs into fashion statements.

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Word/nameHebrew, Greek, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic
MeaningShort for every name with the sound 'Iz'
Other names
Related namesIsaac, Isobel, Isabella,

Izzy is a common nickname for the given names Israel, Elizabeth, Isaac, Isambard, Isidor, Isidore, Isidora, Isabel, Isobel, Isabelle, Isabella, Isaiah, Ishmael, Izzet, Isarn, Ismail, Isobel, Isra, Izebel, Izmara, Isobelle or Isam (عصام).

Izzy, Izzie, Issie, Issy, Isy or Izy may refer to:

Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi DigimonWiki Fandom



  • Israel Adesanya (born 1989), Nigerian-born New Zealand mixed martial artist, kickboxer and boxer
  • Israel Izzy Alcántara (born 1971), former baseball player from the Dominican Republic
  • Israel Izzy Asper (1932–2003), Canadian tax lawyer and media magnate
  • Isabelle Beisiegel (born 1979), Canadian golfer
  • Isaiah Brown (born 1997), English footballer
  • John Izzy Canillo (born 2004), Filipino child actor
  • Isidor/Isadore Izzy Einstein (c. 1880–1938), American federal police officer during the early Prohibition era
  • Isidore Izzy Goldstein (1909–1993), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Isadore Izzy Gomez (restaurateur) (1875 or 1876–1944), Portuguese-born San Francisco restaurateur
  • Ezomo Izzy Iriekpen (born 1982), English former footballer
  • Jason Isringhausen (born 1972), American former Major League Baseball pitcher and coach
  • Israel Izzy Lang (born 1942), American former National Football League running back
  • Isidoro Izzy León (1911–2002), Major League Baseball pitcher from Cuba
  • Israel George Levene (1885–1930), American collegiate football player and head coach
  • Isadore Schwartz (1900–1988), American boxer, world flyweight champion from 1927 to 1929
  • Isadore Sparber (1906–1958), American storyboard artist, writer, director and producer of animated films
  • Isidor I. F. Stone (1907–1989), American investigative journalist, also the 'Izzy Awards,' a journalism prize named for him bestowed by Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College
  • Isabelle Izzy Westbury (born 1990), English cricketer
  • Julius Izzy Yablok (1907–1983), American football player
  • Israel Izzy Young (born 1928), American folk music store owner

Issie, Issy or Isy[edit]

Izzy & Lenore Pdf Free Download Free

  • Isabella Blow (1958–2007), English magazine editor
  • Isadore Coop (1926–2003), Canadian architect
  • Isadore Sharp (born 1931), Canadian hotelier and writer, founder and chairman of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  • Isobel Isy Suttie (born 1978), English musical comedian, actress and writer

Stage name[edit]

  • Izzy Bizu, singer songwriter Isobel Beardshaw (born 1994)
  • Issy Bonn, British Jewish actor, singer and comedian born Benjamin Levin (1903–1977)
  • Isobel Cooper (born 1975), English operatic pop soprano known professionally as Izzy
  • Izzy Stradlin, former Guns N' Roses guitarist and co-founder Jeffrey Dean Isbell (born 1962)

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Izzy Armstrong, on the British soap opera Coronation Street
  • Izzy Daniels, the main character of the television movie Jump In!
  • Izzy Davies, on the British soap opera Hollyoaks
  • Izzy Gomez, in the television series TUGS
  • Isabelle Hoyland, on the Australian soap opera Neighbours
  • Isabelle 'Izzy' Huffstodt, on the American television series Huff
  • Izzy Izumi, in the Digimon series
  • Izzy Mandelbaum, recurring character on the American television series Seinfeld, portrayed by Lloyd Bridges
  • Izzy Moreno, the informant for Sonny and Rico in the American television series Miami Vice, portrayed by Martin Ferrero
  • Ismael Ortega, a Marvel Comics character
  • Izzy Sinclair, in the Doctor Who comic strip
  • Izzy Sparks, a video game character
  • Izzie Stevens, in the series Grey's Anatomy
  • Isabel 'Izzy' Reubens, in Love and Rockets
  • Izzy, one of the title characters of Ben & Izzy, a Jordanian animated television series
  • Izzy, from the Canadian animated television series Total Drama
  • Izzy, a 7-year old pirate girl from the TV show Jake and the Never Land Pirates
  • Isabelle 'Izzy' Silva, one of the main characters on the TV show You Me Her
  • Irreverent Izzy, a non-playable character mentioned in the PlayStation 4 exclusive video game, 'Bloodborne'

Legendary creatures[edit]

Izzy & Lenore PDF Free Download
  • Issie, a Japanese lake monster


  • Izzy (mascot), the 1996 Summer Olympics mascot
  • Izzy the Islander, mascot of Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi

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