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Humour is a funny thing! It can be a very wide and varied book genre but with some key goals – to make you laugh and to make you smile.


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Priceless PDF Free Download


Whatever brand of humour works for you, there are funny stories on Obooko that will get you crying with laughter. Humour is a part of our conversations, our entertainment, even our personalities. It is used to lighten the mood, relate to others and to deal with stress and pain. It is in our workplace, our home and happily it’s in our books.

Did you know that medical research indicates that laughter really is therapeutic? It enhances the immune system’s activity, increasing antibody immunoglobulin A, which protects the upper-respiratory tract and decreases stress hormones. While that doesn’t sound so amusing, reading hilarious books can reduce blood pressure and heart rate too. So the stories you’ll download also offer additional benefits! It’s hilarity that makes characters in funny books more likeable too.

Whatever your mood, you can find something at obooko that will bring a smile to your face or make you laugh out loud. We all need cheering up from time to time so download some rib-tickling comedy books today and sink into a world of fun, satire and silliness. Make the other passengers on the train wonder what’s making you giggle!


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If you would like to sample some good British humour, check out Richard Lawther's The Gang of Four.

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