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Free download or read online Just One Look pdf (ePUB) book. The first edition of the novel was published in 2004, and was written by Harlan Coben. The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 390 pages and is available in Mass Market Paperback format. The main characters of this mystery, thriller story are , . The book has been awarded with , and many others.

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Tell no one who you are is a very interesting book to read. It talks about a Jewish little girl that has to live throw the war world 2. Her brother got taken away by the Germans so she gets send to live away from her family, but a lot of risks are found there. Bad news keep on coming to her and her destination is never clear. Tell No One: A Novel Tell No One: A Novel. Download EPUB haynes 2002 ford escape automotive repair manual PDF Free Download & Read PDF Download haynes 2002 ford.

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Author: Harlan Coben
Original Title: Just One Look
Book Format: Mass Market Paperback
Number Of Pages: 390 pages
First Published in: 2004
Latest Edition: April 26th 2005
Language: English
category: mystery, thriller, fiction, suspense, mystery, crime, thriller, mystery thriller, adult, audiobook, contemporary, mystery, murder mystery
Formats: ePUB(Android), audible mp3, audiobook and kindle.

The translated version of this book is available in Spanish, English, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian / Malaysian, French, Japanese, German and many others for free download.

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Tell No One by Harlan Coben; Section One: Chapters 1-12; Pages 1-97.

  • Before the story begins, Elizabeth and David Beck return to Lake Charmaine, David’s grandfather’s property, for their anniversary. David marks the thirteenth line on the tree under the heart with “E.P + D.B.” written in it. Every year since they shared their first “real kiss,” they have marked a line when they return to the lake.They met when they were only seven years old and have been together ever since. While at the lake, Elizabeth gets out of the water, and David floats away from the dock on a float. Elizabeth is then attacked, taken, and killed by two men. When David quickly swims to shore to find her, he is also attacked, but is left on the dock.
  • Eight years later, David Beck is a pediatrician at Washington Heights Clinic. The following day is the twenty-first anniversary of David’s and Elizabeth’s first “real” kiss, and he is supposed to visit Elizabeth’s parents that night. David receives an email from an anonymous sender while at work that says “E.P. + D.B. /////////////////////” and also contains a link to click on at “kiss time.” “Kiss time” is the exact time that he and Elizabeth shared their first kiss. The initials and slashes that are on the tree and “kiss time” are things that only Elizabeth and David would know anything about. David is very frightened and intrigued by this message and is very anxious for it to be “kiss time,” or 6:15 PM the next day.
  • Sheriff Lowell, the sheriff that presided over Elizabeth and David’s case eight years ago, calls David to inform him that two bodies and a bloody baseball bat have been discovered on Lake Charmaine property. Lowell wishes to test David’s blood type against that which is on the bloody bat. Lowell believes the bat may be the one that hit David over the head eight years ago. Sheriff Lowell also asks if David knew anyone by the name of Sarah Goodhart. When David and Elizabeth were kids, they created names based off of their middle names and their street names, and Elizabeth’s new name was Sarah Goodhart. David is extremely bewildered when he realizes this.
  • The next day at “kiss time,” David clicks on the link to find a live feed on a busy street. Elizabeth, his confirmed dead wife, appears on the scream and mouths “I’m sorry,” and walks away from the camera. David immediately becomes overwhelmed with confusion and sadness and is unsure about if the woman he saw was truly Elizabeth.
  • Vic Letty is a scam artist who uses pornographic videos that fathers and husbands watch as an ultimatum to send Roscoe Taylor, his alias, large amounts of money. Vic sends Randall Scope, a very wealthy man, a letter asking for $50,000 in return of keeping the information concerning his watching of over twenty pornographic videos away from his family. After Vic is paid the 50k, he returns home to find two men in his home, Larry Grandle and Eric Wu, who shoot him multiple times in order to find the location of the rest of his money attained by scamming, along with any accomplices. As it turns out, Larry Grandle was hired by Griffin Scope, father of Randall Scope, in order to get his sons 50k returned, and for revenge.
  • David receives a second email that states that he is to view another street cam at “kiss time,” and that he is to log into a website using a username and password that has already been created for him. The email also states “They’re watching. Tell no one.”
  • When David finally arrives to Elizabeth’s parents house that night, he speaks to Kim and Hoyt Parker, Elizabeth’s parents about everything except Elizabeth, until Kim leaves the room and David is able to ask Hoyt about how he was able to determine that the body that was taken to the morgue was truly Elizabeth, and Hoyt tells all the details about how Elizabeth looked when he saw her.
  • David’s sister Linda works for the Scope’s businesses. Linda attends a party thrown in honor of the charity created for Griffin Scope’s son Brandon, who was murdered. Larry Grandle shows up at the party to speak to Griffin about the two bodies that were found at Lake Charmaine. One of the two men had a safe deposit box key in his shoe. Griffin had hired the two men that were found to kill the murderer of Brandon, and Griffin and Larry both were shocked to find out that they had been killed. Griffin and Larry are concerned that the two men could be traced back to them.
  • While Linda is at the party, David goes to Linda and her girlfriend Shauna’s house to just hang out with Shauna and their son. David ends up telling Shauna about the emails and the video feed, simply because he and Shauna had been best friends since college.
  • Larry Grandle and Eric Wu, murderers of Vic Letty, had previously installed devices on David Beck’s computers that could track his every move. They discover the emails that David had received from the woman who appeared to be Elizabeth, and Larry wanted to find out who sent them.
  • The next day, Sheriff Lowell and two FBI agents arrive at David’s clinic and the two agents take David to one of the FBI’s buildings for an interrogation. The two agents ask him about his knowledge concerning Sarah Goodhart, as well as photographs of Elizabeth after a car crash years ago, that David had never seen. David wishes to call a lawyer, but instead calls Shauna, who says she will arrange everything for him. An hour or so later, Hester Crimstein, a famous lawyer from various T.V. shows, bursts in and takes David away from the interrogation room and takes him to her car where David can tell her everything about the previous interrogation. After seeing the pictures of Elizabeth after the car crash, he is curious as to how the police got the pictures and who took them, because he had never seen them until that interrogation. David calls Rebecca Schayes, Elizabeth’s best friend that was involved in the car crash, in order to find out about the accident and to see if she took the photographs. Rebecca tells David that there was no car crash, at least not with her and not in her car. Also, she did not take any pictures of Elizabeth, and Elizabeth would not tell her what happened to her.
  • Jeremiah Renway, an escaped criminal, lived on the Lake Charmaine property eight years ago, and currently still does. Renway saw the attack on Elizabeth and David, and all of the “lies” involved haunt him. Renway also watched all of the FBI agents as they uncovered the bodies of the two men and the baseball bat. Jeremiah knows all about the two men, the death of Elizabeth, and the beating of David, but because of the fact that he is an escaped criminal, he cannot tell the police anything.

This book has definitely kept me interested. If I had the time, I would finish the book all at once. All of the characters are tied together by a murder. As i was reading the story, at times it was a little confusing, but as another character was introduced, it became very clear. There is a very good plot in this novel. The way that the author organized the characters and the actions in the story is very good and intriguing. The style and word choice is very good in my opinion. The word choice that the author uses allows the reader to understand everything in the plot easily. The author also uses the narrator’s private thoughts throughout the story. This allows for the reader to understand what the characters are truly thinking. An example of the author stating the narrator’s thoughts is in chapter 6 when David is at Elizabeth’s parents house and he is speaking to Kim, Elizabeth’s mother, and David was looking around the living room at photos of Elizabeth everywhere, and the author states “She’s alive……” as he is recalling memories of Elizabeth.

Why did you choose this novel? I chose this novel because as I read the summary on one of the book lists you gave us, the summary seemed very interesting, and I want to read a book that I am not going to be able to put down, I don’t want to be bored as I read my book.

Who is telling the story? Point of view? Do you trust the narrator? David Beck is telling the story from his perspective. I believe that because you are able to see all of his raw emotions concerning the death of his wife, and all of the emotions that are resurfaced as he finds out that she may be alive, as well as his actual thoughts during the story, I can trust the narrator.

Describe the setting? Most of the story takes place at his Washington Heights Clinic and his home that he shares with his sickly grandfather. Occasionally, the setting differs. For example, the FBI building, the Scope’s party, and his sister Linda’s house.

Who are the main characters and what problems do they face? David Beck, Sheriff Lowell, Linda Beck, and Shauna are the main characters in the story. David faces the emotional pain as the death of his beloved wife is resurfaced and questioned. Sheriff Lowell faces the problems that occur as a result of the two bodies found, along with getting David Beck to willingly cooperate with the investigation. Linda and Shauna Beck faces problems as they attempt to help David through his tough times, and Shauna and David face the questions that arise with the emails that David receives.

What do you predict will happen? Why do you predict this? At the beginning of the story, David feels guilty because of a secret that he has, but he never reveals the secret. I believe that the two men whose bodies were found at the lake, were sent to kill David and Elizabeth because David killed Brandon Scope, or at least knew of information concerning the death of Brandon. I believe this because of the question, why else would the two guys, that were hired by Griffin Scope, be at Lake Charmaine lying in wait of David and Elizabeth to show up? Griffin hired the two men as a result of Brandon’s death. At this moment, that would be my hypothesis. As I read further I will find out if my prediction comes true.

Tell No One by Harlan Coben; Section Two: Chapters 13-24; Pages 98-173.

  • The two agents that interrogated David also go to Kim and Hoyt Parker’s house, Elizabeth’s parents, in order to inform them that they believe that David killed Elizabeth. The agents Carlson and Stone explain their theory about the key that was found in one of the buried men’s shoes. They have confirmed that the key that was found belongs to a safe deposit box that belongs to Sarah Goodhart, and the pictures of Elizabeth of her bruised and beaten body were found in the box.
  • As David becomes more and more curious about the killer of Elizabeth, he calls the penitentiary that Killroy, the serial killer that branded his mark on Elizabeth’s face, has been placed in. David plans to visit Killroy in order to speak with him about the killing of his wife.
  • As David is looking for clues about Elizabeth’s past, he reads through her day planner from eight years ago, and finds the initials “P.F.” and a phone number, but he does not recognize the number or the initials. After determining the current area code of the phone number, he finally contacts Peter Flannery, an attorney. David set up an appointment to speak with him.
  • Larry Gandle and Eric Wu check back to David’s computer and the FBI’s leads to determine what their next move should be. When they find out that David has contacted Rebecca Schayes, Wu and Grandle want to speak to her and find out about their conversation. When Grandle and Wu arrive to Rebecca’s studio, they lie in wait of her return home. When Rebecca returns to her studio, Wu and Grandle brutally attack her and ask where Elizabeth is. The visit from Wu and Grandle ended in the death of Rebecca Schayes.
  • When David attempts to sign into the website using the username and password that was created for him, there is no such account. David tries for hours to log onto the website, but is unable. Around midnight, David takes his dog Chloe, who was originally his and Elizabeth’s, on a walk. As they walk down the street, David suddenly realizes that the username and password given to him was code for something else. He hurries to the Kinkos down the block to log onto the website, and he is finally able to log in. The message that he received told him to meet the sender at a neighborhood park that he and Elizabeth had both known very well.
  • David admitted the big, guilty secret that he had kept hidden from Elizabeth. He had a one night stand in college, and he deeply regretted it.
  • Shauna begins fearing that the images that David was shown on the live feed could be a hoax, so she shows David a computer program that can be found just about anywhere, that can alter a person’s face to look like an old photograph. Shauna fears that David has too much hope that Elizabeth is still alive.
  • Gary Lamont, Rebecca Schayes husband, grows very worried after Rebecca had not returned home the next morning. Gary calls Rebecca’s assistant and they agree to meet at her studio. When they arrive, they find Rebecca’s body. Once detectives arrived, they ask Rebecca’s assistant of any concerns that Rebecca had, and the only incident that he could recall was that she seemed very shocked and unnerved by a phone call from David Beck.
  • As David’s curiosity grew concerning the death of Elizabeth, he contacted the coroner who performed the autopsy on her body. He drives out to the coroner’s office to speak with him, and David wishes to view her autopsy report, only to find out that he will have to go to a storage facility to view it, so he isn’t able to look at the file that day.
  • As the investigation of Rebecca Schayes begins, detectives find latex gloves and a recently fired gun outside David’s home. Wu and Grandle had placed the items at David’s home in an attempt to frame David. The police wish to arrest David immediately. As soon as David’s lawyer, Hester Crimstein, hears of this, she calls David to stay put at his office so that she can come and get him. Before Hester arrives, police arrive and David attempts to escape, because he can NOT miss the meeting that evening with the sender of the email, who may possibly be Elizabeth. As David is escaping, he is spotted by the police and is chased throughout the city. David is cornered in an alley by a single police officer, so he resorts to assaulting the officer in an attempt to get away.

As I am reading the story, I am becoming more and more interested and anxious to know what is going to happen next. The charges against David Beck keep escalating, from the possible murder of his wife, the murder of Rebecca Schayes, and the assault of a police officer. I wish to keep turning the pages in an attempt to find out what is going to happen next, but every time a questionable event happens, or something to ponder is said, the author changes from one event, to what is happening with another part of the story. For example, when the detectives are speaking with Kim and Hoyt Parker, right after the detectives have told them their theory, the author branches off to talk about Eric Wu and Larry Gandle, and what they are doing. By the author doing this, it makes me want to read even further along in order to find out what happens.

Comment on the style of the novel. Is it easy or hard to understand? Why? How does it compare to anything else we have read in novel class?

Personally, I find the style very intriguing. I believe that some people could find the style and pacing of the novel confusing, but only if you are not paying complete attention to the actions that take place. The way in which the author jumps from one activity to another keeps you thinking and wondering about the future actions, which definitely keeps me interested, but I do see how some people could find that confusing. The style is very different that anything we have read in class, because of the fact that the language is more relaxed, and the topics discussed in class, in my opinion, have not been as intriguing as this novel.

What message or main theme seems to be developing? How do you know? Give specific quotes from the novel to show.

A message that I believe is developing is that secrets should most certainly be shared with close family and your spouse. If secrets are not shared, the worst possible things should occur. For instance, if Rebecca had pushed the issue of bruises on Elizabeth’s body, perhaps the whole incident of Elizabeth being killed and David being attacked could have been prevented.

Describe any new characters. What is their purpose?

  • Peter Flannery was introduced for the purpose of answering questions concerning Elizabeth’s past.
  • Gary Lamont, Rebecca Schayes husband, was introduced for the purpose of finding the need to search for Rebecca so quickly. Without Gary, Rebecca may not have been searched for so quickly, and David may not have been accused of her murder, therefore David would have never had the need to run from the police.
  • The coroner, Dr. Timothy Parker, was introduced for the purpose of answering more questions concerning Elizabeth and her death. David was not certain that the woman who was identified as Elizabeth, was truly Elizabeth.

Tell No One by Harlan Coben; Section Three: Chapters 24-36; Pages 174-265.

  • David is still running from the police, when he comes across an old lady, and he asks to use her phone. David calls Tyrese, a patient’s father, whom David helped save from being thrown in prison years ago. Tyrese is a “ghetto drug dealer” according to David, and David knows that Tyrese will know of places that he can hide out at. Tyrese and his buddy Brutus came to get David and took him to a drug house in order for David to get cleaned up and disguised so that David could meet up with the sender, hopefully Elizabeth, that evening at the park.
  • When David arrives at the park, he is conscious of the fact that he is being watched by an unknown person. Grandle and Wu watch David’s every move, and search for Elizabeth to show. Elizabeth watches David, along with the van concealing Wu and Grandle, and decides that it is too risky to show up with Wu and Grandle waiting to grab her, so she leaves and never meets up with David.
  • As David leaves the park, hours after he was supposed to meet with Elizabeth, and he realizes he is being followed by two men, Wu and Grandle. Before he can react, he is forced into a van and Wu almost killed him with his bare hands, but Tyrese and Brutus intervened and killed the driver of the van and was able to save David’s life.
  • Detective Carlson realized that David had visited Dr. Harper, Elizabeth’s coroner, so he retrieves the autopsy report so that he can look over it. As Carlson looks through the file, he finds major holes and inconsistencies, and he too wonders if the woman identified as Elizabeth was truly Elizabeth.
  • After Tyrese and Brutus saved his life, David finally pays a visit to the attorney, Peter Flannery, that Elizabeth had visited shortly before her death. Peter informs David that Elizabeth had been sleeping with the man accused of the murder of Brandon Scope. David can not believe that Elizabeth had been cheating on him.
  • David then decides to visit the man the Elizabeth was supposedly sleeping with to find out the truth. The man, Helio Gonzalez, confirms that he and Elizabeth were not sleeping together, but that Elizabeth confirmed his alibi the night of Brandon Scopes murder, so that he could not be convicted.
  • After Elizabeth left the park, she went to the airport in a an attempt to run away, once again. This time, she had planned to take David with her, so she bought a plane ticket in David’s name, as well as for her, but under the alias Lisa Sherman. As she is about to board the plane, she sees news reports about David, and she fears that he is in big trouble, so she leaves the airport.
  • Detectives find out that David Beck is scheduled to fly out of the country. When they investigate further, they find out that David did not personally purchase the tickets, and that he was scheduled to sit next to a Lisa Sherman. The detectives now want to find out who Lisa Sherman is and if she has any connection to David.
  • Detective Carlson, after reading Elizabeth’s autopsy report, now believes that David did NOT kill Elizabeth, and now he plans on building up a case and evidence to support his theory. Detective Carlson goes to Shauna’s apartment in an attempt to ask Shauna about what she knew about Elizabeth’s autopsy report. He shows her the complete report, and shares the information that the pictures of Elizabeth’s body that were taken during the autopsy were missing. Also that the last person to have checked out the file was Hoyt Parker, Elizabeth’s father. Carlson then goes to Hoyt’s house to talk to him about the missing pictures, but of course Hoyt has no idea as to what Carlson is talking about, and he offers no information concerning Elizabeth.
  • Larry Grandle talks to his boss, Griffin Scope, about Elizabeth possibly killing Brandon Scope.

As I was reading this section of the novel, I became very angry with Elizabeth, as crazy as that sounds, I did. I became angry because Elizabeth simply just left David at the park, waiting for hours on her to show up. She waited eight years to contact him, tells him to meet her, gets his hopes up, them never shows. That bothered me. However, the fact that she didn’t simply leave the country, as she could have easily done, but instead came back to save him. The details involved in this section intrigued me tremendously.

Tell No One Who You Are PDF Free Download

Choose an interesting character from the novel. Write a sketch of the character that includes….

Detective Carlson

Appearance: A stone faced, strong-willed detective who knows how to do his job, and does tasks asked of him wholeheartedly. He does not take anything at face value, he likes to investigate deeper.

Tell No One Who You Are PDF Free Download

Actions: At the beginning of David’s investigation, Carlson believed that David had murdered his wife, and so had all of the rest of the detectives on the case. But as he investigated further, things were not adding up with the case eight years ago. It was clear that Killroy, the convicted killer of Elizabeth, was not the murderer, but it was also very clear that it was not David who killed her. Mainly because everything in Elizabeth’s case, as well as Rebecca’s seemed to be lining up too nicely, almost as if everyone planted everything so that all of the evidence would be found at just the right time. Carlson also determined that the body identified as Elizabeth’s was not truly Elizabeth Beck. Once he had determined all of this, he wanted to get to the bottom of the whole mess and find out the truth.

Ideas – What does the character think? : Detective Carlson believes that David is an innocent man, and that he does not believe that Elizabeth is truly dead.

Reaction to other characters: Carlson tries to see the views of his fellow detectives, but his mind always goes back to the gaping holes in the autopsy report, as well as the case being lined up a little too neatly for his suiting.

Tell No One Who You Are Pdf Free Download Pdf

Why is he/she important to the novel?: If not for Detective Carlson, David may have never been cleared as innocent, or at least thought of as innocent for the time being.

Why do you like/dislike the character?: I like this character because he took the time to go back and look over past evidence, instead of taking everything at face value. He did what a good detective does, investigate until every single little detail is exposed.

Tell No One by Harlan Coben; Section Four: Chapters 37-46; Pages 266-339

Tell No One Who You Are Pdf Free Download For Windows 7

  • As Shauna asks Linda, her girlfriend, about the pictures of Elizabeth’s bruised body, Linda admits that she took the pictures, and that Brandon Scope had beaten her up because she knew a lot of incriminating things about him. Elizabeth did not want David to know the truth, so he was forced to lie to David, as well as her best friend Rebecca.
  • As Hoyt was talking to Detective Carlson, Hoyt tells Carlson that he knew about the incriminating evidence that Elizabeth had built up against Brandon Scope. This greatly interested Carlson.
  • Hester now decides to call up the head honcho presiding over the case with David, and deliver David’s alibi for the time of Rebecca Schayes’ murder. There were surveillance videos of David walking his dog and visiting Kinkos to log on the website created for him during the time that Rebecca had been killed. This clears him for the murder conviction. Also, Hester convinces the D.A. that David had only assaulted the police officer in self defense. She also threatenes to make the head detective look like a total idiot in a press conference if they did not comply with her deal to drop all of the charges.
  • Tyrese calls and talks to Linda and Shauna and they are to meet at Linda and Shauna’s apartment that afternoon. When David arrives, Shauna tells David that she believes that Elizabeth is truly alive. Also, Linda tells David about the pictures that she had taken of Elizabeth and about Brandon Scope beating her up. Now David wishes to speak with Hoyt about the pictures that he stole from the autopsy file.
  • Detective calls David and asks him about the Smith and Wesson hand gun of his father’s, Stephen Beck, that was found in Sarah Goodhart’s safe deposit box, along with the pictures of Elizabeth’s beaten body. Ballistics had confirmed that Stephen Beck’s gun was the gun that killed Brandon Scope. Carlson also asked David if he knew Lisa Sherman, who had purchased his plane tickets. David denies knowing of anyone by the name of Lisa Sherman.
  • Shauna, being a plus size model, is scheduled for a photoshoot. As she arrives and is in make-up, she receives a message that says, “Go to the ladies room,” so Shauna excuses herself, simply because she recognized the handwriting all too well. It had been Elizabeth’s. When she arrives in the bathroom, she sees her. Elizabeth. Alive and well, just with shorter hair and had aged a bit. Elizabeth tells Shauna to give David a message. “Dolphin” and for him to meet her there that night. Elizabeth knew that David would know exactly what she meant, then she was gone.
  • Tyrese and Brutus take David to Hoyt’s house so that David could be informed of everything that Hoyt knows about Elizabeth. Hoyt tells David all about that night eight years ago. Hoyt tells David about his killing of the two men that attacked Elizabeth, of the Jane Doe that was used as Elizabeth’s body, the plan to help Elizabeth escape, everything.
  • Shauna calls David and tells him that she had seen Elizabeth, and that he is to meet her at the Dolphin that night. David leaves Hoyt’s immediately to get on a train to make his way to Lake Charmaine, where the Dolphin cabin was located. As David is making his way to Lake Charmaine, he remembers the name Melvin Bartola. He had been one of the witnesses when his father died, he was also one of the men that were buried on Lake Charmaine property. David begins putting all of the pieces together. He knows now that everything must have been all planned out from the beginning, and that everything was related to Griffin Scope, he just isn’t sure how.
  • Wu and Grandle had figured out who Tyrese and Brutus were, and that they were helping David. So they go to Tyrese’s house, where Latisha, his girlfriend and mother of his blind son TJ was. Wu calls Tyrese to inform him that he had TJ and that he will only let him go in return of David.
  • When David arrives at Lake Charmaine, he finds the Dolphin cabin and enters. He soon finds that he is not alone, and he is not accompanied by Elizabeth. Jeremiah Renway, the escaped convict that had been living on the lake for more than thirty-years, the same man who saw the entire incident eight years ago, stands staring at him. Renway explains who he is, and that he is indeed the man who had saved David’s life by pulling him out of the lake and taking him into the house to call 911. Also, he is the person who dug up the bodies of the two men that were buried on the lake property. He tells David that Elizabeth is waiting for him at the tree. The tree that has “E.P. + D.B.” in a heart, along with all of the lines for every anniversary.
  • When David arrives to the tree, he notices that eight new lines have been carved into the tree. He turns around to find Elizabeth. They are both overwhelmed with joy and shock, that they can do nothing but stare at each other. They finally embrace one another and promise to never let go. As it would happen, David’s phone rings, and it is Tyrese. He is scared silly because Wu has his helpless son. David and Elizabeth immediately run, hand in hand, to Hoyt’s house.
  • When they arrive, David goes in along, and Elizabeth remains outside. David tells Hoyt that he wants to turn himself in to Griffin, and that he needs Hoyt to help, since David knows that Hoyt once helped Griffin. David finds out that Hoyt told Griffin Scope that Stephen Beck, David’s father, had been gathering incriminating evidence against his son, Brandon Scope. So Griffin had Stephen killed. Hoyt and David, leaving Elizabeth behind, leave to go to Griffin’s stables in order for David to turn himself in, in return for TJ being released. On the way to the stables, Hoyt, being an ex-cop, asks David if he was wearing a wire, he was, and Hoyt knew it, but pretended he did not. Hoyt then states that Elizabeth did NOT kill Brandon Scope, but that he had himself. Hoyt says this all in hopes that Griffin would be listening to every word that he says. When Hoyt and David arrive to the stables, Hoyt tells Griffin that David killed Brandon Scope. Griffin’s men attack Hoyt. Hoyt ends up with a gun, and he fires three times at Griffin, killing him, then shoots himself.
  • At last, when David and Elizabeth are reunited once more, David has to admit that he, David Beck, killed Brandon Scope with his father’s gun after Brandon broke into his home with a knife, intending to kill Elizabeth. Elizabeth put the gun, belonging to Stephen Beck, in a safe deposit box, along with the pictures of her beaten body, under the name Sarah Goodhart. Elizabeth and her father Hoyt had gotten rid of the body for David, in attempts to protect him.

I’m super excited that I finished this marvelous book. I was really looking forward to the ending. As i was reading this book, the plot twisted multiple times, which kept me VERY interested. I was very pleased with the ending, considering the fact that David and Elizabeth had a happy ending, as it should be. I’m very glad that I chose this novel as my independent novel.

Tell No One Who You Are Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader

Tell no one who you are pdf free download pdf

What ideas or happenings in this novel relate to your life? Explain using examples from your own life.

I suppose the fact that my current boyfriend and I were together for two years, then completely separated for an entire year, got back together, and have been together for 6 months. The fact he and I have known and been friends and been close ever since kindergarten is rather similar to the fact that Elizabeth and David had been very close ever since they were seven years old. Also the fact that my boyfriend and I separated, on our terms, but not because of a death, also not for nearly as long, but it could be remotely similar to the fact that Elizabeth and David were apart for eight years.

Which character is most like you? Why? Give evidence-examples from the books and connect to examples of things from your life.

I believe that David Beck is most like me. Simply because David truly cares for his patients that he has as a pediatrician, and he has such a loving soul, and never will or can get over his loss of his wife Elizabeth. I don’t believe that I could ever get over a person that I had spent 3/4 of my life with. Personally, that would be very difficult. Also, I care about the well-being of people, and actually want to be a pediatrician myself.

What major events helped to resolve the plot?

The major events that resolved this plot lie in the information uncovered by Detective Carlson and Hoyt Parker. Carlson allows David to know that he is now on his side, which gives David even more motivation. Hoyt opens up new questions from David, that allow him to uncover the truth about Elizabeth.

What message did you get from this novel? How was it conveyed?

The message that I received from this novel is that it is unwise to keep secrets from family and close friends. The author conveyed this message by showing the immense consequences that could resort from such secrets.

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Why would or would you not recommend this book to others? Be specific with several examples from the book.

I would definitely recommend this book to others. The style of the author forces the reader to want to read more and more until you get to the end. The pacing in the story makes you want to never put the book down, you only want to find out what happens next. For example, when the author ends many of his chapters with increasingly questionable statements, then the next chapter begins with something related, but unrelated at the same time. It makes you read two more chapters before the story returns back to the questionable topic, and then the question is answered.