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Download The History Of American College Football books, This volume provides unique insight into how American colleges and universities have been significantly impacted and shaped by college football, and considers how U.S. Sports culture more generally has intersected with broader institutional and educational issues. By documenting events. Free Football Pool Template to download. Professional and printable templates, samples & charts for JPEG, PNG, PDF, Word and Excel Formats. Professional and printable templates, samples & charts for JPEG, PNG, PDF, Word and Excel Formats. College Football Flyer Template. American Football Tournament Flyer. Football Game Flyer Template. American Football Flyers Template. Football Championship Poster and Flyer. Football Sports Flyer Free PSD Template. Football Flyer Templates. Mar 22, 2021 Printable NCAA tournament bracket: Download a fillable copy of the men’s 2021 March Madness basketball bracket pdf By The Athletic Staff Mar 22, 2021 17.

HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL 'Official' Score Sheet.

Al Wilson's Blue-Tone HMB score sheet with manager strategy card checklists! Includes both 'Nth AB' and 'inning' formats.

2019 Big League All-Star Game Teams, created by Paul Salzgeber.

2019 Fall Classic Teams(Houston, Washington). 2018 Fall Classic Teams (Boston, Los Angeles) in team colors. 2017 Fall Classic Teams(Houston, Los Angeles). 2016 Fall Classic Teams(Cleveland, Chicago).

Extra Players for the following seasons: 1949, 1956, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1974, 1977, 1980, 19831987, 1990, 1998, 2012, 2013,2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. (These cards available for purchase, printed on the same perforated stock as the full card sets.)

Want cut lines? Print this cut line grid onto your stock, then do a second print from card PDF. HINT: Print the cut lines first, then print the cards on the OTHER side of the sheet.

Home-Brewed Card Sets from HMB fans!

All-Time Great Umpires cards for use with ATFG teams, Kickstarter HOF cards, etc.

Al Wilson's HMB Player Card Creator (for MAC) lets you create your own HMB cards, using pull-down menus! Pretty spiffy! Here's the Windows version, courtesy of Travis Jansen!(new versions updated 04.24.20).

Jule Sigall's 'Out of Town Baseball Scoreboard' lets you generates scores of 'other' games for your single-team baseball play-through format!

Replacement Ball Park list (in case you lose yours!)

Ball Park Cards similar to cards included with Famous Fall Classics sets, but for all parks! Also includes HOF umpires.

Al Wilson'sBallpark Boards--amazing!

Need a duplicate set of MANAGER STRATEGY CARDS for head-to-head play?

David Gambrill's Auto-Strategy Charts for HMB! David'scharts make the manager decisions for you, so you leave the dugout and 'watch' the game unfold from the $1000 seats behind home plate!

Full sheet of Pitcher Batting cards, include one in each team envelope!

Travis Jansen's Umpire Card Creator and Ballpark Card Creator for HISTORY MAKER BASEBALL.

Mike Sagliano's HMB Century League Manager-Maker Guide. Updated 8/2016!

Al Wilson'senhanced HMB scoresheet!

Judy Krauss''classic-style' HMB scoresheet! (Print double-sided)

UNIVERSAL INSTANT RESULTS Chart: Our Instant Results chart lets you determine winners for games with a single dice roll! Perfect for a single-team season project, allows you to quick-play the rest of the schedule and simulate the pennant race. Works with any season!

Brian Reising's Home Run Derby chart, for use as part of your All-Star Game festivities!

1954 All-Star Game Cards, includes both squads plus gam summary, umpire cards and ball park card.

Ron Arnst'sHMB 'reminder' flags, to mark pitcher freshness, temporary 'struggler' status, rain threat, etc.

Free Stuff for SECOND SEASON

'Hail Mary' Pass and 'End of Game Chaos' Play for SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game!

SECOND SEASON 'Official' Score Sheet.

David Gambrill's Second Season EXPRESS stats generator adds statistics to the express game!

Jule Sigall's 'Out of Town Football Scoreboard' lets you generates scores of 'other' games for your Game of the Week football format!

Al Wilson's No-Dice Fast-Action Deck for SECOND SEASON (03/2019) speeds up solitaire play by making the offense and defense calls AND rolling the dice for both play result and finder readings. Uses the official game distribution of play calls, as printed on the v 4.0 game boards.

REPLAY's original FAC Deck for use with SECOND SEASON is available here. Similar to Al Wilson's deck, but based on Chris Howell's Solitaire Play-Calling Charts, posted below.

REPLAY's optional Solitaire Play-Calling Charts, for automating the SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game offense and/or defense play selection process. Originally developed by Chris Howell.

REPLAY's optional Team Fumble and Penalty Charts for use with SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game.

REPLAY's optional Punt and Kickoff Charts, also for use with SECOND SEASON.

2016 FCS College Football Teams from Mark Zigler.

2015 College Football Playoff Teams from Fred Crosby!

2014 College Football Playoff Teams from Bob Maver and Brian Reising!

Here's college football fan Dustin Nichols'collection of teams from the 2013 Big Ten season.

Matt Crawford has created college teams for SECOND SEASON, twenty-five teams from the 1993 college season, twelve teams from the 1988 college season and thirty-two teams from the 1982 season! PLUS, here are Matt's college teams from the 1965 season and 1975 season!

Tracy Talley created a massive collection of teams from the 2008 college season--over 100 teams (in Excel)!

College All-Star Games:1963 (vs. '62 champ Green Bay), 1969 (vs. '68 champ New York A), 2016 (vs. '15 champ Denver), 2017 (vs. '16 champ New England), 2018 (vs. '17 champ Philadelphia), 2019 (vs. '18 champ New England).

Free Stuff for HOCKEY BLAST

Here's season summary and Instant Results grid for the 1960-61 Pro Season PDF that was available during PLAAY Digital Friday (11.29.19). Apologies for the omission!

HOCKEY BLAST 'Official' Score Sheet.

From the October 2018 newsletter, Derek Jones' 1974-75 NAHL cards!

1942-43 Cup Match-up: Boston vs. Detroit , from the April 2017 newsletter.

Michael Owens' 1987 Canada Cup Teams, VERY popular, thanks also to Andy Lewis for formatting help!

Bob Maver's1963-64 Cleveland Barons cards--could the Barons have been competitive in the NHL? Now you can find out! Bob's revised '63-64 NHL schedule can be downloaded as well.

All-Time Hockey 'One-Hit Wonders,' includes 24 pro players who had one great season then (mostly) vanished!

Derek Jones' 1993-94 East Coast Hockey League cards; 19 teams and liner notes!

Bob Maver's 2014 Winter Olympics hockey cards! Have your own 'Go for the Gold' competition on your table-top!

Home-brewed cards for the 2010 Winter Olympics hockey teams, created by David Gambrill.

Rick Lawes'1980 Winter Olympics hockey cards--'The Miracle On Ice!' 'Nuff said, enjoy!

Rick Lawes'1972 Winter Olympics hockey cards--another great Olympics!

Rick Lawes'2009-2010 Ontario Hockey League cards. These cards include an innovation by Rick, using a new 'CHECK' quality instead of the 'STAR' quality. When using these cards, refer to CHECK whenever the game book calls for STAR. NOTE that Rick created a special 'bar-scissors' rating, which means if the team has momentum, ignore the scissors and read the player's rating as 'zero stars.' Also, Rick has included numbers for the line/defense pairings. Can be printed on standard blank perforated business card stock.

Andy Lewis' 2014-15 College Hockey Teams, in TWO sets 2014-15 Division 1 and 2, 2015-16 Division 3! Here are Andy's 2012-2013 NCAA College Hockey Teams, all 59 Division I teams!

Derek Jones'1988-89 ECHL includes cards for all five teams, plus an instant results chart and information about the league.

CWSFN's 1971-72 Central Hockey League cards, a hard-hitting, blue-collar '70s league that has lots of familiar future/former pros.

CWSFN's 1972-73 Central Hockey League cards (created 10/2016)

Ed Meek's1957-58 and 1966-67 International Hockey League cards for HOCKEY BLAST. Old-fashioned, hard-hitting small-town pro hockey from the 'Good Ol' Days!' And, here's another classic '60s 'bus league from Ed:' the 1967-68 Eastern Hockey League.

Another HOCKEY BLAST creation from Ed Meek, the 1965-66 Ontario Hockey Association. A junior league that had lots of future NHL Hall-of-Famers, including Bobby Orr!

Rick Lawes'1980 'Super-Series' cards, the Dinamo Moscow and Central Army Club teams, for use with the 1979-80 NHL card set for HOCKEY BLAST. And, the 1972 'Summit Series' between the USSR and Canada.

Andy Lewis' Excel card-making template for creating 'official' cards for HOCKEY BLAST (updated 12/2016 with slightly larger font sizes).

Alternate user-created HOCKEY BLAST scoresheets, from Giorgio Salvadego and Frank Albidone.

Extra hockey rink game boards for HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game are available for fans who prefer the 'grid' method of changing lines to the 'stack' method prescribed by the game rules. Or, try Al Wilson'sexpanded hockey game boards in ledger size or (two)letter size sheets.

From the Fall '14 newsletter, hockey championship series teams from the minor American league, 2013-14 Texas and St. John's.

Tim Chandler's HB quick-guide, includes pointers on momentum, lines, etc.

Giorgio Salvadego's Multiple Penalty Quick-Finder, for faster resolution of multiple penalty minutes.

Free Stuff for RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN'

2019 SCRAM-ateur cards, from the PLAAY Games newsletter. Additional drivers from SCRAM's 'B Series' that you can use to augment your SCRAM events.

Pete Adams' Stock Car Racing Pioneer 'Local Yokels,' from the October 2018 newsletter.

2018 SCRAM-ateur cards, eight 'up and coming' drivers from SCRAM's 'B' Series. 2016 SCRAM-ateur cards.

From the February 2014 newsletter, the 2014 World Stock Car Racing Cup cards!

Laurence Davis' TROUBLE finder, enhanced detail for TROUBLE events.

Mike Haley's Pit Violation Finder, enhanced detail for PIT VIOLATION events.

Various PLAAY Gamer 'House Rules,' including Dennis Zimmerman's 'Laps Down/Wave Around' Rules for RWBR.

Ron Anderson's RWBR Race Keeper (in Excel).

RED WHITE & BLUE RACIN' 'Official' Race Event Sheet.

Another offering from Mike Sagliano, his take on rating drivers for a fictional stock car racing league, as well as career development for those drivers, in a comprehensive guide. Updated 7/13!

Mike's expanded RWBR scoresheet for more detailed race note-taking.

And here's Mike Sagliano'sRWBR 'quick reference sheet,' quick answers to common questions while playing the game.

Joe Bryan's 'track pack' of home-brewed track cards of various racing venues.

Giorgio Salvadego's fictional Swiss Stock Car leaguedriver cards and tracks.

Al Wilson's enlarged RWBR racetrack game board, 11' x 17' (you can have this printed and laminated at most office supply stores.)

Free Stuff for SOCCER BLAST

SOCCER BLAST 'Official' Score Sheet.

Andy Lewis' Excel-based card-making template for creating your own players and teams.

Chris Rohan's Excel-based card-making template, which use the latest version of Excel and some extra 'bells and whistles.'

Home-Brewed Card Sets from/for SOCCER BLAST fans!

Jule Sigall'sAdditional SOCCER BLAST Strategy Cards: these are great for adding extra strategy for head-to-head play, they've been formatted to look the same as the strategy cards that come with the game!

Giorgio Salvadego'sstand-up 'pitch' game board. (Requires some folding).

Free Stuff for FACE TO THE MAT

2019 Wrestling America Free-Per-View cards, featuring a dozen additional wrestlers/personalities. As featured on AFR's Monday Night Tights wrestling show!


Catalina Gerlein's Women's Wrestler Cards, from the February 2019 newsletter.

Here's the Out of Ring Action Chart we created for the 20th Anniversary Edition of FACE TO THE MAT

Print your own 'Scratch Cards' for FTTM wrestlers, this is format for the 5.0 version of the game, with separate wrestler action cards that contain the qualities, moves, personal data and more. (TV and Grudge grades will be pencilled in on the scratch cards.)

2016 ICW Italian Pro Wrestling cards! In full color and officially authorized by the ICW!

FACE TO THE MAT 'Official' Wrestling Event Planner.

Andy Lewis' FTTM Excel card-maker, zip file includes spreadsheet and needed fonts and icons.

Brien Martin's FACE TO THE MAT Expanded Event Tracker.

Marty Klestadt's Generic Wrestler Ratings sheet, edited by Jeff Gilbert.

Gary Brown's updated (2/16) SHOCKWAVEdice-driven charts for FACE TO THE MAT.

Chris Robinson'sPersonal Repertiore Index for helping create specific move sets for your wrestlers. (In Excel format.)

Here's our AWA Wrestler Card Promo Sheet, circa 2002, featuring Delphi Sports Game celebrity and retired real-life pro wrestler, Jeff Costa, aka LOBSTERMAN!

Free Stuff for BOWL-O-RAMA

BOWL-O-RAMA 'Official' Score Sheet.


HISTORY MAKER GOLF 'Official' Score Sheets for Tournament Mode and Stroke Play. NEW 6/2017, Tournament Mode, Threesomes!

Extra set of Caddy Cards for head-to-head play.

Stephen Sisson'sMatch Play Quick-Results chart (from the June 2018 newsletter).

Ron Arnst's HMG Course Collection Summaries, historical information and an overview of each of the game's courses from all fourteen course collections!.

Tom Kerwin's PLOP ratings for HMG Courses; how difficult is the course you're about to play? Find out!

2019 Pro National Golf Extra Cards, an additional 36 'fringe' golfers for use with our fictional golf set. Includes bio detail for each golfer.

Tom Kerwin'sHMG 'Scenarios,' 40 minute historical vignettes playable with HMG!

Injury Chart for HMG Tournament Mode (from May 2017 newsletter)

From the October 2017 newsletter, Sam Snead's Celebrity Golf '60, updated to include six new celebrity golfers and nine new holes for play!

Gamer Created COURSES...

College Football Championship 2021

'Royal Course, Montreal QC,' created by Joe Soldano.

'Bay Club, Orlando FL,' created by Joe Pritchard.

The College Football Championship Pdf Free Download 2019


'Big Water Golf Resort, Biloxi, MS' created by Laurence Davis.

'Counting Birds GC, Omaha, NE,' created by Brian Reising.

'Gray's Greatest Eighteen,' a collection of eighteen of the greatest holes in golf, created by David Gray.

College Football Championship Games


'The Mystical Emerald GC, Doneleg, Ireland,' created by Richard Hanna (fictional).

'The Giants Course, Bushmills, N. Ireland,' created by Richard Hanna (fictional).

'Orlando AP GC, Orlando, FL,' created by Tony Betros.

'PNG Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL,' created by Joe Pritchard.

'Port of the Ozarks GC, Sunrise Beach, MO,' created by Scot Long.

'Pine Estate GC, Pullheim, Germany,' created by Christian Reismann.

'Royal Ringbell Course, Dornach, Scotland,' created by Greg Nolan.

'Sheboygan Straits GC, Sheboygan, WI,' created by Chad McEvoy.

'Shunpike GC, Springfield, NJ,' created by Harold Coleman.

'Tour of Thrones, Castle Black, Westeros,' created by Christian Reismann (fictional).

'What-A-Putts Mini-Golf, Anytown, USA' created by Mike McKenny (fictional).

Free Stuff for COLD SNAP

The Interprovincial Pro Football Conference is COLD SNAP's official fictional league, operated as a co-op PLAAY Gamer league and a free download for solitaire PLAAY gamers.

Here are the 2019 IPFC Season team cards.


Here ares the 2018 IPFC Season team cards.

Here's the link for the 2017 IPFC Season, created by Lenny LaFrance. In the co-op season, the Quebec Liberte won the IPFC Cartier Bowl, defeating the Windsor Ambassadors 22-20.

Here's the 2016 IPFC Season Guidebook, with comprehensive stats, standings and player honors.

Here's the 2015 Canadian College All-Star football team, featured in the May 2016 newsletter.

COLD SNAP 'Official' Score Sheets.

Giorgio Salvadego's Fast-Action cards, modeled after the SECOND SEASON edition. Calls plays and rolls dice with card flips.

Giorgio'ssolo play-calling chart, dice-driven.

Joe Pritchard'shome-brewed 1987 Pro Season.

David Gambrill'shome-brewed 1981 Pro Season.


LACROSSE BLAST 'Official' Score Sheets, three periods, four periods.

2016 College Lacrosse teams for LACROSSE BLAST, created by Mark Zigler. Includes guide for adapting game to field (outdoor) lacrosse. And, here are the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018 tournament teams!

Also from Mark Zigler, All-Time Franchise Great Indoor Pro Lacrosse Teams! Inter-generational Hall-of-Fame box lacrosse action!

Free Stuff for ROLLER RUMBLE


Chris Schmidt's1991 World Roller Federation Express, six teams from roller derby's final attempt at a legitimate banked track league.

Chris Schmidt's1986-87 IRSL cards, four teams from roller derby's later years plus promotional materials.

The College Football Championship Pdf Free Download 64 Bit

Chris Schmidt's1949-50 IRDL cards

Chris Schmidt's 1960 NRDL cards

Also from Chris, here's a Roller Derby Instant Results chart, and a Late-Game Comeback chart.

For use with ROLLER RUMBLE Roller Derby Game, here's a short-set of fictional skater cards for a contemporary flat-track women's roller league, like what you'd see in most major cities around the country. Created by Mike Sagliano. Put them on the banked track, or...

Also from Mike Sagliano, a flat-track variant of ROLLER RUMBLE, 'Jams and Jukes!' Mike's rules and charts, used in conjunction with your copy of ROLLER RUMBLE, moves the game from the banked track to the FLAT track!

Here's our OWN flat track update, as published in the February 2013 newsletter.

Lenny LaFrance's'City League' ROLLER RUMBLE cards.

Mike Sagliano has also put together an amazing 'Skater Creation Guide' for setting up your own fictional roller league using ROLLER RUMBLE. Highly detailed, lots of examples. He's also put together a financial module for use in simulating your roller league's finances--salaries, expenses, and so on! Read about Mike's OWN fictional league on the PLAAY Games Delphi Forum!

And yet ANOTHER roller creation from Mike Sagilano: ROLLER MAUL, which adapts our board game to the classic 1970s roller sport movie of (almost) the same name!