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'These are flour, and that thief was pretending to be mysterious, so she used flour to cover her face. There are also same flour on Lanzhu's purple clothes.'

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Right after Hua Qiyue finished speaking, the pilgrim pulled Lanzhu's sleeves and immediately shrieked, 'Yes, her sleeves … even between her fingers! '

Immediately, the whole room was in complete silence.

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Lanzhu's little face instantly turned pale white, and she kowtowed heavily, 'It's not me … Second Miss, it's really not me … '

'If I didn't guess wrong, Monk Yihan definitely accepted the bribes. Our Hua family's silver usually has a small inscription on it, Monk Yihan, do you dare to let the male pilgrim search you?' Hua Qiyue's eyes were like lightning, coldly looked over.

Sweat trickled down his palms, Yihan looked at Hua Mengshi and immediately straightened his waist, 'Abbot! I was wronged! '

His entire body was trembling, from the perspective of outsiders, it was precisely the proof of guilt.

Abbot Hanming's face darkened, 'Someone, search him!'

Immediately, a monk walked out and groped on Yi Han's body a few times. Then, he took out a silver ingot from his waist pouch. Indeed, there was the Hua Family's emblem on it.

Everyone immediately sighed.

Hua Mengshi's calm eyes flashed with panic, but it disappeared immediately.

Hua Xiaoyi's eyes were widened. She looked from one to another and could really not believe what she was seeing, 'Lanzhu, you actually dare to collude with Monk Yihan to frame Big Sister? You deserve to die a thousand times for your crime! '

Lanzhu's face was deathly pale, she was trembling.

Hua Mengshi said, 'Lanzhu, didn't you do it?' She was loud when she spoke these words, and everyone could hear it, but the next few words were only heard by her and Lanzhu.

'Lanzhu, your little brother and your parents are still outside the capital. You should know what to do, right?'

Lanzhu widened her eyes. Her eyes turned red and tears were about to fall, but she suddenly laughed out loud. Hua Mengshi pretended being scared and quickly took a few steps back.

'Yes! I did it! I've long disliked Eldest Miss! In front of others … she was like a sick cat, but bullied us all the time. I just want to ruin this bitch's reputation...'

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Hua Qiyue coldly looked at Lanzhu, who was accusing her. Her eyes were full of sympathetic, but now they were filled with confusion and contemptuous.


Lanzhu admitted her crime, under Hua Mengshi's threat. When Hua Qiyue thought about her son in the capital, she had to bow to Hanming and ask, 'I thank the abbot for proving my innocence, I'll leave Monk Yihan toyou, Lanzhu … I'll leave her to my sisiter. Lvxin, Youshui, I suddenly remembered that I have urgent matters to take care of, let's go back to the capital tonight!'

The General And The Genius PDF Free Download

'Benefactor Hua, please don't worry. I will definitely punish Yihan.'

Hua Xiaoyi snorted, 'How depressing, I never thought a lowly servant could cause such a ruckus!'

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Hua Mengshi calmly looked at everyone and said goodbye to Hanming. She was really curious about the current Hua Qiyue.

What made her become so clear and cold, and why did she go home overnight?

Hua Qiyue and the servants got on the horse carriage together, the Hua Family's guards were leading the way, but it was difficult to walk on the mountain road, so by the time they reached the foot of the mountain, it was already morning.

The thin morning sunlight penetrated through the layers of clouds, dyeing the land green and gold. The breeze was soft and gentle, and the official road was winding as it extended into the mountains.

Hua Qiyue laid on the cushion in the carriage, she was glad that she was still alive. In this life, she would definitely not let the person who bullied her go easily!

Youshui and Lvxin sat at the side and stared at Hua Qiyue curiously.

The General And The Genius Pdf Free Download Free

They saw that the eldest young miss' beautiful eyes were slightly closed and she frowned. It was like her face was in smoke of sadness and worries.

Hua Qiyue was only an ordinary girl in her previous life, she had some knowledge in business, but in terms of Qi Art, she could only be called trash.

Because in this country, Qi Art was not something that ordinary people could cultivate.

Only wealth families would have the money to buy medicinal pills to open up their Qi meridians and cultivate Qi Art.

Hua Qiyue saw the original memories of this body. The Qi meridians of this body were broken when it was three years old, so no matter what kind of medicinal pills she consumed, it would be ineffective.

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The original Hua Qiyue was tossed into the lake and her Qi meridians were broken in the water in a winter night. That kind of heart-wrenching pain made Hua Qiyue suddenly be afraid of coming into contact with others, so she cowardly avoided or silently tolerated every time.

Because she was afraid of being tormented like that again, she escaped and avoided. Even if the current Hua Qiyue tried to read that memory, she would also feel the pain down to the bone. It made her suddenly think of the scene when she died in the hands of those two wicked old women.

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