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  2. Part III: Hell 56. The Lord Rules the Hells 57. The Lord Casts No One into Hell; This Is Done by the Spirit 58. All Who Are in Hell Are in Evils and Related Falsities Derived from the Loves of Self and of the World 59. What Hell Fire Is and What the Gnashing of Teeth Is 60. The Malice and Heinous Artifices of Infernal Spirits 61.
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Award-winning artist Wayne Barlowe returns to his epic dark fantasy world with this sequel to God's Demon—The Heart of Hell—where rival demons war for control of the infernal domain.
Sargatanas has Ascended and the doomed, anguished souls have found themselves emancipated. Hell has changed…hasn’t it? The demons, wardens of the souls, are free of their inmates…
And the damned, liberated from their terrible torments, twisted and bent but thankful that they are no longer forced to be in proximity to their fearsome jailors, rejoice. But something is stirring under the surface of Hell’s ceaseless carnage…and into this terrible landscape come three entities:
Lilith, the former First Consort to Beelzebub and her Sisters of Sargatanas trying to find a way to save Hannibal…again;
Boudica, a brick no more, forever in search of her lost daughters;
Adramalik, the former Grand Master of the Priory of the Fly reduced to serving a new lord, Ai Apaec, and seeking his destiny as Prince of Hell.
Each will come across new terrors, new infernal monstrosities, all beyond even their imaginations, untouched by what Sargatanas wrought.
Is there something older than Hell? Something no demon, born of Heaven or Hell, ever suspected?
What new horror, what rough beast, its hour come round at last… could possibly be hidden in Hell?