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The Lowells realized the promise of America as the land of opportunity by uniting Puritan values of hard work, community service, and individual responsibility with a deep-seated optimism that became a well-known family trait. Long before the Kennedys put their stamp on Massachusetts, the Lowells claimed the bedrock. Download Full The Lowells Of Massachusetts Book in PDF, EPUB, Mobi and All Ebook Format. Also, You Can Read Online The Lowells Of Massachusetts Full Book.

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The Lowells of Massachusetts

Author: Nina Sankovitch
Release: 2017-04-11
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Reads: 384
ISBN: 9781466878112

The Lowells of Massachusetts were a remarkable family. They were settlers in the New World in the 1600s, revolutionaries creating a new nation in the 1700s, merchants and manufacturers building prosperity in the 1800s, and scientists and artists flourishing in the 1900s. For the first time, Nina Sankovitch tells the story of this fascinating and powerful dynasty in The Lowells of Massachusetts. Though not without scoundrels and certainly no strangers to controversy , the family boasted some of the most astonishing individuals in America’s history: Percival Lowle, the patriarch who arrived in America in the seventeenth to plant the roots of the family tree; Reverend John Lowell, the preacher; Judge John Lowell, a member of the Continental Congress; Francis Cabot Lowell, manufacturer and, some say, founder of the Industrial Revolution in the US; James Russell Lowell, American Romantic poet; Lawrence Lowell, one of Harvard’s longest-serving and most controversial presidents; and Amy Lowell, the twentieth century poet who lived openly in a Boston Marriage with the actress Ada Dwyer Russell. The Lowells realized the promise of America as the land of opportunity by uniting Puritan values of hard work, community service, and individual responsibility with a deep-seated optimism that became a well-known family trait. Long before the Kennedys put their stamp on Massachusetts, the Lowells claimed the bedrock.

The Lowells and Their Seven Worlds

The Lowells Of Massachusetts PDF Free Download
Author: Ferris Greenslet
Release: 1946
Publisher: Unknown
Reads: 442
ISBN: UVA:X000486344

John Lowell (1743-1802) was a descendant of Percival Lowle/Lowel/ Lowell (1571-1664) who, with his wife, Rebecca, and family left London in 1639. John married Sarah Higginson (d. 1772) in 1767. In 1774, he married Susan Cabot who died in 1777; and in 1778, he married Rebecca Russell Tyng who died in 1816. He had nineteen children.

The Historic Genealogy of the Lowells of America from 1639 to 1899

Author: Delmar Rial Lowell
Release: 1899
Publisher: Unknown
Reads: 826
ISBN: HARVARD:32044019828862

American Rebels

Author: Nina Sankovitch
Release: 2020-03-24
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Reads: 384
ISBN: 9781250163295

Nina Sankovitch’s American Rebels explores, for the first time, the intertwined lives of the Hancock, Quincy, and Adams families, and the role each person played in sparking the American Revolution. Before they were central figures in American history, John Hancock, John Adams, Josiah Quincy Junior, Abigail Smith Adams, and Dorothy Quincy Hancock had forged intimate connections during their childhood in Braintree, Massachusetts. Raised as loyal British subjects who quickly saw the need to rebel, their collaborations against the Crown and Parliament were formed years before the revolution and became stronger during the period of rising taxes and increasing British troop presence in Boston. Together, the families witnessed the horrors of the Boston Massacre, the Battles of Lexington and Concord, and Bunker Hill; the trials and tribulations of the Siege of Boston; meetings of the Continental Congress; transatlantic missions for peace and their abysmal failures; and the final steps that led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. American Rebels explores how the desire for independence cut across class lines, binding people together as well as dividing them—rebels versus loyalists—as they pursued commonly-held goals of opportunity, liberty, and stability. Nina Sankovitch's new book is a fresh history of our revolution that makes readers look more closely at Massachusetts and the small town of Braintree when they think about the story of America’s early years.

The Daring Ladies of Lowell

Author: Kate Alcott
Release: 2014-02-25
Publisher: Anchor
Reads: 304
ISBN: 9780385536509

“Alice is cast in the mold of a character created by an earlier Alcott, the passionate and spunky Jo March. A refreshingly old-fashioned heroine, she makes THE DARING LADIES OF LOWELL appealing” --The New York Times Book Review “Offers up a compelling slice of both feminist and Industrial Age history”--Christian Science Monitor From the New York Times bestselling author of THE DRESSMAKER comes a moving historical novel about a bold young woman drawn to the looms of Lowell, Massachusetts--and to the one man with whom she has no business falling in love. Eager to escape life on her family’s farm, Alice Barrow moves to Lowell in 1832 and throws herself into the hard work demanded of “the mill girls.” In spite of the long hours, she discovers a vibrant new life and a true friend—a saucy, strong-willed girl name Lovey Cornell. But conditions at the factory become increasingly dangerous, and Alice finds the courage to represent the workers and their grievances. Although mill owner, Hiram Fiske, pays no heed, Alice attracts the attention of his eldest son, the handsome and reserved Samuel Fiske. Their mutual attraction is intense, tempting Alice to dream of a different future for herself. This dream is shattered when Lovey is found strangled to death. A sensational trial follows, bringing all the unrest that’s brewing to the surface. Alice finds herself torn between her commitment to the girls in the mill and her blossoming relationship with Samuel. Based on the actual murder of a mill girl and the subsequent trial in 1833, THE DARING LADIES OF LOWELL brilliantly captures a transitional moment in America’s history while also exploring the complex nature of love, loyalty, and the enduring power of friendship.

Tolstoy and the Purple Chair

Author: Nina Sankovitch
Release: 2011-06-07
Publisher: Harper Collins
Reads: 256
ISBN: 9780062092168

“NinaSankovitch has crafted a dazzling memoir that remindsus of the most primal function of literature-to heal, to nurture and to connectus to our truest selves.' —Thrity Umrigar, author of The Space Between Us Catalyzedby the loss of her sister, a mother of four spends one year savoring a greatbook every day, from Thomas Pynchon to Nora Ephron and beyond. In the tradition ofGretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and Joan Dideon’sA Year of Magical Thinking, Nina Sankovitch’ssoul-baring and literary-minded memoir is a chronicle of loss,hope, and redemption. Nina ultimately turns to reading as therapy andthrough her journey illuminates the power of books to help us reclaim ourlives.

Signed Sealed Delivered

Author: Nina Sankovitch
Release: 2014-04-15
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Reads: 224
ISBN: 9781451687170

The author of the much-admired Tolstoy and the Purple Chair goes on a quest through the history of letters and her own personal correspondence to discover and celebrate what is special about the handwritten letter. Hailed as witty, moving, enlightening, and inspiring, Signed, Sealed, Delivered begins with Nina Sankovitch’s discovery of a trove of hundred year-old letters. The letters are in an old steamer trunk she finds in her backyard and include missives written by a Princeton freshman to his mother in the early 1900s. Nina’s own son is heading off to Harvard, and she hopes that he will write to her, as the Princeton student wrote to his mother and as Nina wrote to hers. But times have changed. Before Nina can persuade her child of the value of letters, she must first understand for herself exactly what it is about letters that make them so significant—and just why she wants to receive letters from her son. Sankovitch sets off on a quest through the history of letter writing—from the ancient Egyptians to the medieval lovers Abelard and Heloise, from the letters received by President Lincoln after his son’s death to the correspondence of Edith Wharton and Henry James. Sankovitch uncovers and defines the specific qualities that make letters so special, examining not only historical letters but also the letters in epistolary novels, her husband’s love letters, and dozens more sources, including her son’s brief reports from college on the weather and his allowance. In this beautifully written book, Nina Sankovitch reminds us that letters offer proof and legacy of what is most important in life: love and connection. In the end, she finds, the letters we write are even more important than the ones we wait for.

Men Women and Work

Author: Mary H. Blewett
Release: 1990
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Reads: 444
ISBN: 025206142X
The Lowells Of Massachusetts PDF Free Download

'Blewett challenges historians to incorporate gender analysis and a tradition of working women's protest into the history of the American labor movement.' -- Georgia Historical Quarterly ' Blewett's] detailed reconstruction of feminist perspectives in shoeworker protest and the divisions created by the competing loyalties to sisterhood and to working-class families is among the best available. . . . With works like this, it should be impossible to write about the American working class without including women.' -- Historical Journal of Massachusetts 'A highly stimulating and rewarding book.' -- Journal of Interdisciplinary History

The Life and Times of Francis Cabot Lowell 1775 1817

Author: Chaim M. Rosenberg
Release: 2010-12-16
Publisher: Lexington Books
Reads: 366
ISBN: 0739146858

After the Revolutionary War, despite political independence, the United States still relied on other countries for manufactured goods. Francis Cabot Lowell, born in Massachusetts in 1775, was one of the principal investors in building the India Wharf and the shops and warehouses close to the harbor. His work was instrumental in establishing domestic industry for the United States and spurred the American industrial revolution. Francis Cabot Lowell's Method-a detailed investment plan, cheap raw materials and power, a motivated labor force, a sound marketing plan, and above all, modern technology-became the standard for the American factory of the nineteenth century.

Waterpower in Lowell

Author: Patrick M. Malone
Release: 2009-11-01
Publisher: JHU Press
Reads: 272
ISBN: 9780801897351

Its clear and instructional discussions of hydraulic technology and engineering principles make it a useful resource for a range of courses, including the history of technology, urban history, and American business history.

A history of Lowell Massachusetts

Author: Charles Cowley
Release: 2021
Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag
Reads: 142
ISBN: 9783849676704

Lowell was founded by the ‘Merrimac Manufacturing Company’ in 1822, and named after Francis C. Lowell. The village grew very rapidly from the first. In 1820 it was incorporated as a town and ten years later was chartered as a city. This book tells the story of this very important textile center from the beginning until the 1870s.

Lowell Massachusetts

Author: Lowell Historic Canal District Commission
Release: 1977
Publisher: Unknown
Reads: 255
ISBN: PURD:32754076364003


Release: 1868
Publisher: Unknown
Reads: 329
ISBN: UOMDLP:afj7661:0001.001

Loom and Spindle

Author: Harriet Robinson
Release: 2011-03-16
Publisher: Applewood Books
Reads: 236
ISBN: 9781429045247

Author Harriet Robinson (1825-1911), born Harriet Jane Hanson in Boston, offers a first person account of her life as a factory girl in Lowell, Massachusetts in this 1898 work. Robinson moved with her widowed mother and three siblings to Lowell as the cotton industry was booming, and began working as a bobbin duffer at the age of ten for $2 a week. Her reflections of the life, some 60 years later, are unfailingly upbeat. She was educated, in public school, by private lesson, and in church. The community was tightly knit. She also had the opportunity to write poetry and prose for the factory girls' literary magazine The Lowell Offering. When mill girls returned to their rural family homes, she says, ' instead of being looked down upon as 'factory girls,' they were more often welcomed as coming from the metropolis, bringing new fashions, new books, and new ideas with them.'

The Gates Unbarred

Author: Michael Shinagel
Release: 2009
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Reads: 247
ISBN: 0674036166

The Gates Unbarred traces the evolution of University Extension at Harvard from the Lyceum movement in Boston to its creation by the newly appointed president A. Lawrence Lowell in 1910. For a century University Extension has provided community access to Harvard, including the opportunity for women and men to earn a degree. In its storied history, University Extension played a pioneering role in American continuing higher education: initiating educational radio courses with Harvard professors in the late 1940s, followed by collegiate television courses for credit in the 1950s, and more recently Harvard College courses available online. In the 1960s a two-year curriculum was prepared for the U.S. nuclear navy (“Polaris University”), and in the early 1970s Extension responded to community needs by reaching out to Cambridge and Roxbury with special applied programs. This history is not only about special programs but also about remarkable people, from the distinguished members of the Harvard faculty who taught evenings in Harvard Yard to the singular students who earned degrees, ranging from the youngest ALB at age eighteen, to the oldest ALB and ALM recipients, both aged eighty-nine—and both records at Harvard University.

Call the Darkness Light

Author: N. L. Zaroulis
Release: 1993
Publisher: Soho PressInc
Reads: 560
ISBN: 0939149982

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Robert Lowell in Love

Author: Jeffrey Meyers
Release: 2016
Publisher: Unknown
Reads: 263
ISBN: 1625341865

The Lowells Of Massachusetts Pdf Free Download By Jeff Kinney

Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright -- Contents -- Illustrations -- Acknowledgments -- Dedication -- Introduction -- 1. Charlotte's Web, 1917-1954 -- 2. Southern Comfort, 1930-1941 -- 3. Jean Stafford, 1937-1948 -- 4. Mania, 1949-1976 -- 5. Elizabeth Hardwick, 1949-1970 -- 6. The Heedless Heart, 1954-1970 -- 7. Women Friends, 1947-1970 -- 8. Caroline Blackwood, 1970-1977 -- Appendix One. The Search for Lowell's Lovers -- Appendix Two. Annotations to Lowell's Poems -- Appendix Three. Robert Lowell vs. Lyndon Johnson -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index -- Photographs -- About the Author

A Dome of Many Coloured Glass

Author: Amy Lowell
Release: 2009-05-06
Reads: 108
ISBN: 9781442929166

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Barker House

Author: David Moloney
Release: 2020-04-07
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Reads: 272
ISBN: 9781635574173

'HERE is a voice to listen to! Moloney's voice is as true as a voice can be. Concise, with the right details rendered perfectly, these sentences come to the reader with marvelous straight forwardness, clean as a bone.'--Elizabeth Strout Olive Kitteridge meets The Mars Room in this powerfully unsentimental work of fiction--a portrait of nine lives behind the concrete walls of a New Hampshire jail. David Moloney's Barker House follows the story of nine unforgettable New Hampshire correctional officers over the course of one year on the job. While veteran guards get by on what they consider survival strategies--including sadistic power-mongering and obsessive voyeurism--two rookies, including the only female officer on her shift, develop their own tactics for facing “the system.” Tracking their subtly intertwined lives, Barker House reveals the precarious world of the jailers, coming to a head when the unexpected death of one in their ranks brings them together. Timely and universal, this masterfully crafted debut adds a new layer to discussions of America's criminal justice system, and introduces a brilliant young literary talent.

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Lowell Irish

The Lowells Of Massachusetts Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader For Windows 10

Author: David D. McKean
Release: 2016
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Reads: 126
ISBN: 9781467117845

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Irish immigrants streamed into the mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, at the start of the Industrial Revolution, fleeing poverty and later the Great Hunger. From tales of politicians and entrepreneurs to the everyday struggles of the average immigrant, trace the history of the pioneer members who established Lowell as an industrial powerhouse.