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Wattpad is a free reading and writing app which enables you to read millions of free online stories and books from authors all over the world. Millions of varieties of these stories are available for both app and web browser.

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Now let us say you wish to download a story from wattpad and print it. Well, to do so you’ll need to check first the status of a story if it’s printable or not.

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Printable or not? No! Because wattpad stories can only be downloaded to the wattpad app for offline reading. It’s nearly impossible to copy anything on Wattpad. When you tap and hold text, a “Share” button comes on but there is no word-copy&paste.

The following steps will help you learn how easy it is to download and convert stories from Wattpad into a PDF / EPUB / TXT / DOCX / Mobi format so that you can print, share, and back up wattpad files. I’m sure you will be able to quickly follow through with these step-by-step procedures.

Side note:

To respect an author’s hard work, please download wattpad stories to eBooks files for personal use.

5 Reasons That You May Want to Download Books/Stories

Reason 1. It’s not possible to read stories offline on the web.

From Wattpad library, you can click the cover to choose “Start Reading”, “Details”, “Archive”, “Add to List”, and we can also delete the selected story. However, there isn’t an option that allows us to download the story offline.

Reason 2. Free stories count towards the offline limit via Wattpad app.

You can read wattpad offline on your device (via Wattpad app) after you sync your library online. But it’s reported that you could only have several books offline at the same time. You don’t have many options for downloading more stories with 1-click.

You are still bundled with this app. You can’t switch those downloaded files to another place so that you can back up them.

Reason 3. It’s not allowed to take notes or highlights on Wattpad.

Neither the Wattpad app nor the wattpad web online viewer allows you to take notes or highlights.

Reason 4. It’s nearly impossible to edit the contents of wattpad stories.

The storied city pdf free download windows 10

You can read or view the stories and eBooks files, and add them to your library (reading list), but you are not allowed to edit these contents. You can’t copy texts from wattpad.

When you select the text and search for a ‘Copy’ option, all you get is whether to ‘Share’ those lines as quotes in your social media profiles along with the author’s name & the story title.

Reason 5. You can’t print Wattpad stories.

See? You are a reader who loves reading stories, but you can’t do more other than reading.

4 Methods to Download Wattpad Stories on PC/Mac

Here are 4 methods to download Wattpad stories on your Windows, Mac.

Method 1. Download story offline via wattpad (android/ios)app

To add a story to your offline list, you can visit your Library and tap the download icon followed by “Add to Offline List” where the story is listed.

To make sure the download is completed, check to see if the story covers are no longer faded.


1. You can only download the Wattpad app to android, and ios devices. Wattpad no longer supports the Windows app or the Kindle app.
2. Make sure you do not log out before losing your internet connection.
3. You must be connected to the internet to add a story to your offline list.


  • Free desktop app.
  • You can manage all stories within one app.


  • You can’t copy anything on the Wattpad app.
  • If there were too many stories that occupy too much space, only the recently viewed/read stories will be saved and the rest will be available only when you are connected to the internet.

Method 2. Save webpage offline (txt).

Someone will recommend you hover over the story “chapter” and right-click to see the “inspect element” to copy the content to txt. It’s available several years ago, but now this method doesn’t work.

But you can save the webpage, then open the html file via a text editor (or word document).

The Storied City Pdf Free Download Free

Select one story to start reading, and then hover to the dedicated chapter that you want to save or download.

Right-click and select “Save as” to save as webpage type.

Then open the webpage via a text editor (or word).

Now you can view the story in txt, and you can also edit those sentences.

As you see, it’s not a bad option if you only want to backup the story contents, but you should do more work if you need a better reading experience. You have to delete those images (not good shown), and recommended words, and advertisement showing.


  • Backup stories to the local computer.
  • It’s a quick method to download wattpad stories to txt.


  • You can’t download the entire story as one single document with this method.
  • You can’t get updated contents unless you download the webpage again.
  • Wattpad shows one chapter as one webpage, while each story or eBook has many chapters, it means you have to download and save the story chapter by chapter.
  • Most badly, the saved txt file is with a bad layout, which means that the downloaded parts are hard to read.

Method 3. Ebook-converter wattpad downloader

This platform provides a tool named wattpad downloader, which helps download wattpad story at 1-click.

Launch the tool, log in with your wattpad account (free to sign up from the official website).

Then you will see your library. Wait until you see the “Ready to download” message, you can select the story to download (downloading the story chapter by chapter).



  • Doesn’t support converting wattpad to ePub or kindle.
  • There are watermarks on the pdf file in the demo version. If you need the full content without watermarks, you should purchase a full license.
  • No refund if you are not satisfied with this product.

Method4. iSummersoft Wattpad Converter

iSummersoft Wattpad Converter allows you to download the wattpad story to a corresponding PDF or ePub, Mobi, DOCX, TXT book.

iSummersoft Wattpad Converter Compatibility:

OS: Windows, Mac
Used: wattpad story downloader; wattpad story/ebooks to pdf converter.
Output file format: EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOCX, and PDF

Preparation: Claim a story to decide you want to read it. Click the cover, it’ll give you options to either add the title to your library or a reading list. Click on one, and the story will be added. They will be listed in your Wattpad Library.

This software interface is simple and efficient to use and you don’t need to set anything up manually. The first time you launch it, you should log in with your wattpad account(used for accessing your library so that the tool can download your contents).

It automatically detects all of your saved stories so that you can choose a story from “Current reads”, “Archive”, “Reading lists” to its main interface. The tool will display cover, title and author name of the selected story. Then continue to target the output format you want to download, click the “convert” button to start the downloading.

Wait the downloading until it’s 100% completed, click the “Open” button to open the output path.

And there you have it. You can now enjoy your legally acquired Wattpad stories and eBooks on various devices.

You can also view the downloaded Wattpad books in your prefered format chapter by chapter, and you can also edit, highlight or even print it. As the below image shows, the downloaded story is turned into a personal, local, and “true” book file.


Pdf Free Download For Windows 7

  • Download wattpad to multiple common formats.
  • Easy to install and fastest conversion speed. The unique effective tool which makes it possible to read Wattpad stories on Kindle.
  • Technical support, free upgrade, and 30-days refund policy.
  • Free trial version helps convert 3 stories totally for free, no watermark or content loss.


  • Paid software which costs $7.99 for a 30-days license.

Quick Summary

These are some options to download Wattpad stories/eBooks from Windows 10 and Mac computer. And don’t forget your one go-to tool, iSummersoft Wattpad Converter, software perfect for converting Wattpad to PDF formats, making wattpad files possible for printing.

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