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Grant was the eighteenth president of the United States of America. Hiram Ulysses Grant was born April 27, 1822 at Point Pleasant Ohio in a small two-room house. Hiram attend school at Georgetown, Ohio. His family moved there when he was one and half years old. Hiram or 'useless,' as other children called him, was only good in math. When Hiram was old enough he went to West Point military school and through some paper work error he became Ulysses S. Grant. Grant graduated twenty-one in his class of thirty-nine. .
While he was stationed in Missouri he met a friend's sister Julia Dent; they married in 1848. After awhile Grant was a assigned to be stationed at Fort Humboldt on Humboldt Bay in California. Grant, who could not hold his liquor well, started to drink because he was lonely. He could not afford to bring his family out west and there was not much for him to do at the fort. The fort commander, Lieutenant Colonel Buchanan did not like Grant and forced Grant to resign or be brought up on charges. Grant signed the resignation because he did not want his wife to know what he had done for she would have found out if he was brought up on charges. .
After fifteen years in the army, Grant was left out to the streets of San Francisco. With help from some old West Point friends, Grant was able to get back to his family. Grant and his family moved to St. Louis Maryland where his wife had some land given to her by her father. Grant started to farm, but to get money to start farming, Grant cut woods and charged $4 to deliver. Grant worked hard and was able to build a small house for his family. In 1856 Grant had less then $50 to buy clothes for his family, so Grant stood on street corners selling his wood to anyone. He wore his old military coat with the insignia removed. Grant borrowed money from his father and was able to grow some wheat but had a terrible crop turn out. Grant was forced to auction off his house because he was ill and could not afford it.


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