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Who is Dwayne Haevischer? After watching tonight’s Fear the Walking Deadepisode, we understand many people having that question.

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Haevischer was honored with a title card at the end of Sunday night’s installment, and it was a wonderful way to honor someone who contributed a great deal to the entertainment business without too much in the way of attention. He was known for his work in the transportation department and as an equipment operator, having worked on The Leftovers as well as a number of movies including Death Proof. Primarily, most of his work was in the film world.

Haevischer passed away earlier this spring, but Fear the Walking Dead’s team decided that tonight was the right time to honor him at the end of the episode. These sort of tributes incredibly meaningful in that they ensure that someone is never forgotten about in the time that follows their passing. This is the sort of thing that means a lot to friends and family of the deceased, and also people who worked with them.

While Haevischer was not credited with any work on IMDb for Fear the Walking Dead, there is a tangible connection here in that much of season 4 filmed in the state — similar to how The Leftovers also operated out there for a time. He was one of the local crew members who was one of the unheralded heroes of production. Sometimes when watching these shows, you can forget about everyone responsible for making them a hit, but every single job is important to making the show or film come together.


Who Is Dwayne " The Rock" Johnson Pdf Free Download Online

PDFWho Is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? PDF Free Download

Our thoughts certainly go out to Haevischer’s family, and we do hope that they saw and appreciated the nod tonight. To those who haven’t heard of him, hopefully this gives a little bit more insight into why the show would want to give him a little bit of attention after the episode. Honoring crew members with title cards is something that we have seen done in the past, as we have seen it with some other shows as Elementary and Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a way of making sure everyone is aware of each individual person responsible for turning a show into something greater. (Photo: AMC.)

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