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Message to the Senate
January 22, 1917
Gentlemen of the Senate:
On the 18th of December last I addressed an identic note to the
Governments of the nations now at war, requesting them to state, more
definitely than they had yet been stated by either group of belligerents, the
terms upon which they would deem it possible to make peace. I spoke on
behalf of humanity and of the rights of all neutral nations like our own,
many of whose most vital interests the war puts in constant jeopardy.
The Central Powers united in a reply which stated merely that they were
ready to meet their antagonists in conference to discuss terms of peace.
The Entente Power...


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Augustine, the man with upturned eye, with pen in the left hand, and a burning heart in the right (as he is usually represented), is a philosophical and theological genius of the first order, towering like a pyramid above his age, and looking down commandingly upon succeeding centuries. He had a mind uncommonly fertile and deep, bold and soaring; and with it, what is better, a heart full of Christian love and humility. He stands of right by the side of the greatest philosophers of antiquity and of modern times. We meet him alike on the broad highways and the narrow footpaths, on the giddy Alpine heights and in the awful depths of speculation, wherever philosophical thinkers before him or after him have trod. As a theologian he is facile princeps, at least surpassed by no church father, schoolman, or reformer. With royal munificence he scattered ideas in passing, which have set in mighty motion other lands and later times. He combined the creative power of Tertullian with the churchly spirit of Cyprian, the speculative intellect of the Greek church with the practical tact of the Latin. He was a Christian philosopher and a philosophical theologian to the full.

Woodrow Wilson inspired tens of millions who never met him, and frustrated those who worked with him. He was idealistic and remote, naive and rigid, noble and conflicted. His strengths and weaknesses, his health, even the influence of his overbearing and ignorant wife, were all critical factors in events of historic importance. Woodrow Wilson PDF book by John Milton Cooper Jr. Read Online or Free Download in ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks. Published in November 3rd 2009 the book become immediate popular and critical acclaim in biography, history books. The main characters of Woodrow Wilson novel are David Lloyd George, Woodrow Wilson. PDF File Size: 14 MB. EPUB File Size: 6.0 MB. PDF EPUB Colonel House: A Biography of Woodrow Wilson’s Silent Partner Download. If you are still wondering how to get free PDF EPUB of book Colonel House: A Biography of Woodrow Wilson’s Silent Partner by Charles E. Click on below buttons to start Download Colonel House: A Biography of. High-Resolution PDFs of President Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points (1918). To open and print PDF files, you need the free. Download PDF: Other/Last Page of Document. Woodrow Wilson’s “Fourteen Points” January 8, 1918 Gentlemen of the Congress. It will be our wish and purpose that the processes of peace, when they are begun, shall be absolutely open and that they shall involve and permit henceforth no secret understandings of any kind. The day of conquest.

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Woodrow Wilson And Civil Rights

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